Where to buy parts and kits

FTC does not require you to buy parts from specific company. You can get parts from anywhere, but we recommend to buy some common parts/kits from the following companies.

Try to focus on one build system to save from the hassle of different hole patterns. If needed, you can use adapter to connect parts from different build systems.

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We highly recommend buy parts from Gobilda. goBILDA is a fixed-pitch, channel based building system using metric units.


  • Strong and reliable (stronger than Servocity/Actobotics)

  • A lot of new innovations and new parts. They keep adding new parts

  • Flexible to shift position hole by hole since they have grid pattern for holes


  • Gobilda channel is bigger and fatter than other build system

2. Actobotics (https://www.servocity.com/)

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Servocity is actually owned by same company of Gobilda. It sells Actobotics kit. The biggest difference of Actobotics and Gobilda, is Actobotics build system uses imperial units (inch).


  • The channel is smaller than Gobilda built system, save space

  • Very strong as well


  • The company is adding more new parts for Gobilda, but not for Actobotics

  • It provides flexibility to shift by holes, but often times it has to shift by 1.5 inches, while Gobilda can shift 8mm for 1 hole.

3. AndyMark

4. Rev Robotics

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