FTC Tutorial


Having the correct tools will improve your efficiency a lot when building the robot.

Basic tools

  • Safety glass:
    • Note it is required to wear safety glass in competition
  • Philips screw drivers
  • Hex Drivers and Keys
    • 2.5/3mm hex (goBILDA)
    • 7/64” hex (Actobotics)
    • We recommend to buy the ball head hex drivers for easy use, and also buy the T style hex driver to completely tighten the screws sometimes.
  • Wrenches
    • 7 mm wrench (goBILDA)
  • Power Drill and drill bits
  • Metal file
  • ziptie cutter
  • Ziptie (very useful)
  • Tool box to organize tools and parts

Other useful tools

  • Damaged Screw Extractor Set
    • super useful when the screw is broken
  • Soldering kit
  • loctite
    • Your screw will get loosen. Apply loctile to prevent that
  • Band saw
  • Drill press (for better precision)