Field and game elements

In the FTC competition, the robot needs to run inside a 12X12 field. Having access to the field and a game element will be super useful to practice and iterate your robot.

Game elements

Every year the game has different game elements. Usually you always need to buy the game elements at for that season.

Field tiles

The game field is 12X12 field, containing 36 of 2X2 tiles. You can buy the official FTC game tiles from andymark. If you want to save the cost, you can also buy some cheap 2X2 tiles from stores like walmart at the beginning, just to test the robot running on the tile.

Field Perimeter/Wall

You can buy the official perimeter from Andymark.

To save the cost, you may also DIY the perimeter following this guide. The DIY version costs about 100$, vs official version 645$

Please note, game elements are required. The full field is not required. You could build and test your robot, and later go to another team's field to practice/iterate.

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